How To Tell If Your Hard Drive Is Failing

29 July 2020
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Has your computer been acting up and you are not sure what is wrong with it? The problem could be due to a failing hard drive. Since your boot is an essential part of your computer, it is important to know the signs that the drive is failing and needs to be repaired. Crashing The first thing you'll likely notice is crashing. There may be times where the computer randomly shuts down, especially when you access a file or try to open a program that is not already open and in the computer's RAM. Read More 

What Is Printer Toner Made Of?

17 April 2020
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Inks have been made from all sorts of materials over the course of generations, including the blood of certain types of animals and animal secretions. Today, modern printers use ink known as toner that is essentially a powder. Over the years, the materials used to create printer toner have become more sophisticated and have integrated a broader range of minerals. The Composition of Toner The printer toner is effectively plastic. This characteristic allows for the toner to be moved around using static electricity. Read More