3 Tips To Follow If Your Internet Is Too Slow

11 November 2017
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Even though you might not need the same high internet speeds at home as you would use at work, you still want to make sure that your internet connection is able to keep up with what you want to do. If you have multiple people using multiple devices in your home, or if you find that you download or stream on a regular basis, you might have found that your internet speeds aren't as fast as you would like them to be. Read More 

Why Can’t Some Games Play On Mac?

17 October 2017
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As Apple computers such as the Macbook Pro, iPad, and the iPhone (which is really more of a computer than a phone) become more common, the question is asked more often: why aren't more games on the Mac? Apple computers used to be a great platform for computer games, especially during the days of Oregon Trail, Zork, Task Force, Rastan, and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. To understand why you can't play most of the newest PC games and to find ways around the problem, here are a few gaming computer details: Read More 

Why Does Payment Card Industry Compliance Matter?

3 October 2017
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Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is becoming a bigger demand in many states, but how important is adhering to these standards? Why do people care, and is it really making a difference in the Information Technology (IT) world? Whether it's optional in your area or becoming a statewide requirement, here are a few reasons that IT PCI assessments and improvements are becoming a serious discussion in markets across North America. Read More 

Tips For Branching Out Into The Software Engineering Game

4 August 2017
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If you are a coder and want to take the leap into software development, then you may need some ideas to help you succeed. Keep reading to learn about a few. Write Simplified Code Most coders work in the same way that writers do, they sit down with their ideas and start drafting line after line of code. However, after a while, that code becomes harder and harder to read. Think of it like a writer completing a novel without adding in paragraphs and chapters. Read More 

Balancing VOIP Telephone Systems And Data Demand

16 July 2017
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The agile business that embraces tech will be powered by the internet and secured by redundancy. A business needs to have the flexibility of easily-programmed phones and robust call choices without being bound by copper wires, but traditional landline options must be there as an option. A well-configured network can reduce costs and leave room for affordable legacy networks, but the network requirements are specific for every business. Here are a few details explaining why network resource management matters, and how telephone professionals can help: Read More