Laptop Slow All Of A Sudden? 2 Things That Can Cause This

2 September 2022
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If your laptop is getting slow all of a sudden, this can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can determine what is causing this so you can get it running normally again. In some cases, you can take care of this yourself, or you may have to take the laptop to laptop repair services

Viruses, Spyware, Malware

Over time, a laptop can get viruses, spyware, malware, and more. All these things can slow a laptop down drastically. Some viruses can take down a laptop completely as they are designed to damage files and more. 

There are free anti-virus programs available that you can download. Once you find one and download it, make sure it is updated and run a full scan on your computer. Delete any viruses it finds. There are also free spyware and malware programs you can download. Do the same with this, making sure they are updated and running full scans. Once you clean the laptop, it should start running at normal speeds again.

If you continue to have a slow laptop, a virus may have damaged it, or you may still have spyware or malware on it. Take it to a laptop repair service, and they can do a complete cleanout of the laptop. They will have programs they run to determine if you still have any viruses, spyware, etc. 

Too Little RAM

If there is not enough RAM (random access memory) on your laptop, this can make it much slower. If the laptop is older, you may use programs now that require more RAM. Most laptops have empty slots where you can add RAM easily. 

RAM works as a temporary storage place for files you use on your laptop. When you need a file, it quickly pulls it out from RAM and gives it to the processor so you can have access to the file much quicker. If you use more files than the RAM can hold, it will slow your laptop down as it takes longer to retrieve your files. 

You should take your laptop to a laptop repair service to have RAM installed. They will know the type you need and how much you need. This is especially true if you have no experience adding memory or working on laptops. 

There are many more things that can cause a laptop to slow down, such as fragmented files, an old hard drive, or simply needing to be replaced. A laptop repair shop can determine the exact cause to make the repairs for you. If it is time for a replacement, the repair service can help you choose a new laptop to ensure it works best for you.

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