Can You Benefit From Using A Secure Internet-Hosted Desktop?

28 June 2021
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Have you heard about secure internet-hosted desktops, but are not sure if they are a good idea for you? Here are a few benefits of using this type of computer experience. 

Your Computer Lives In The Cloud

One of the biggest benefits of using an internet-hosted desktop is that your computer will essentially live in the cloud. This is a great idea for those people that have jobs that change locations frequently where you cannot always take your computer with you. This includes having access to your desktop at work, at the office, or on site when working with a client.

The hosted desktop works by accessing software installed on your computer that forms a direct and secure connection with the Internet hosted desktop. You login and all of your software and files will be there just like it was the last time you used it. You don't have to worry about syncing files where you are accessing your desktop from, since everything lives in the cloud.

Your Main Computer's Specifications Do Not Matter

Some people like using a hosted desktop solution because they are using a computer that has better specifications than the one they are using. Maybe you need a graphics card to run a certain type of software, or you need more RAM to operate a certain program properly. The specifications of your local computer are irrelevant. This can also help you save money when you work out of multiple locations, because you do not need that high-end computer everywhere that you work. You just need the one really good virtual machine that you can connect to.

You Need An Internet Connection

One of the downfalls of an internet-hosted desktop is that you need a good internet connection in order to use it. If you are on the go, then you may need a laptop with a cellular internet card that gives you some flexibility to access your hosted desktop, but it won't connect as well as if you had a hardwired connection or WiFi connection to high speed broadband. It's definitely something to consider, which depends on how and where you work.

Your Computer Is Secure

A nice benefit of using a hosted desktop is that it is incredibly secure. No longer do you have to worry about people getting physical access to your computer, since access to the hosted desktop has an additional form of security. You can use methods like two factor authentication to make sure that only you have access.